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Q: How to select specific columns from two CSV files in python I have two CSV files, say filesA.csv and fileB.csv. fileA is created from a script (with some errors, that's the reason I want to use the script again) and fileB is created from the data I had in fileA (with some of the columns missing). My goal is to select the columns of fileB and insert them in a new CSV file (let's call it merged.csv) that combines the rows from fileA and fileB. Here's my attempt at it: import csv with open("fileA.csv", "rb") as fileA, open("fileB.csv", "rb") as fileB: readerA = csv.reader(fileA, delimiter=",") readerB = csv.reader(fileB, delimiter=",") readerC = csv.reader(fileA, delimiter=" ") list_of_columns = [] merged_file = open("merged.csv", "w") writer = csv.writer(merged_file, delimiter=" ") for rowA in readerA: for rowB in readerB: list_of_columns.append(rowA) list_of_columns.append(rowB) for rowA, rowB in zip(readerC, readerB): if rowA[0] == rowB[0]: writer.writerow(list_of_columns) The first problem is that fileA is of a different length than fileB, so the script ends up reading lines that don't belong to fileB and missing some lines from fileB. The second problem is that there's one column from



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