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Windows7UltimateBlackEdition64BITNeeded Windows7UltimateEdition32BITNoCrackNeeded Windows7UltimateEdition64BITNeeded MacOSX10.6.8Dell Ubuntu12.04LTS The last case may be solved by choosing "Save to file" instead of "Save to project" Edit I added the following lines of code to a function which takes a html template file as argument and it works fine for me. override func viewDidAppear(animated: Bool) { // Get the windows version and the windows edition for comparison. let windowsVersion = ProcessInfo.processInfo.operatingSystemVersion let windowsEdition = ProcessInfo.processInfo.operatingSystemVersion.substring(to: 12) // Default version for windows. let defaultVersion = "Win7Ultimate32Bit" //Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. if windowsVersion == "" { // Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit. if windowsEdition == "Ultimate" { // Save to file. guard let documentURL = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource(fileName, withExtension: "html") else { // Will be used if no document file exist. self.loadTemplate(fromFile: "template.html") return } // Load the html file. self.loadTemplate(fromFile: documentURL) } } else { // Check what version is selected in project settings. guard let windowsVersion = projectSettings.windowsVersion else {

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